Jake Francis - Credits


Role Production Director Year
Greg The Stranger Mike Clarke & Paul Gerrard 2022
Detective John Hayes The Ogress Jon Kent 2022
Anupama's Lawyer Shakuntala Devi: Human Computer Anu Menon 2019
Tony Witches of Amityville Academy Scott Jeffrey 2019
Carl Cupid Scott Jeffrey 2019
The followers (Voice) Black Site Tom Paton 2018
Luke Plenty of Dishes Luisa Pretolani 2018
Jack In Flight Patrick Ryder 2017
Finbarr Creavey Saor Eire Nicholas David Lean 2017
Luke The Doorman Patrick Ryder 2017
Grandson Grandfather Lance Nielsen 2016
Dr Stone Shadow of the Dragon Lady Gary Morecambe 2015
Mr Driscoll The Lost Keith Huckfield 2015
Craig Pina Colada Samuel Francis 2015
Detective Allen Essex Boys: Law of Survival Steven M. Smith 2015
Joshua Santini Crossing Over Mark Haldor 2015
Commander Rory Flynn Endgame Gary Morecambe 2014
Grant Point of No Return Mike Raith 2013
Oliver Jarrett Witness at Cannon Street Darren Garcia 2013
Paul The Body Jake Francis 2013
John Wiseman The Next Day Oliver Brain 2013
Professor Kevin Warwick Unreal Doll Jimmy Nsubuga 2012
Savy C.O.O.L.I.O Paul Cahalane 2012
Harry Not guilty Taiwo Oniye 2012
Michael Smothered Erin Ellis 2012
Scott The Tormented David Harkus 2011


Role Production Director Year
Agent Schafer The Real Story of... Lou Westlake 2019
Owsla (voice) Watership Down Noam Murro 2018
First Officer Dirk de Jager Aircrash Confidential Lou Westlake 2018
Detective 999 Killer on the Line TJ Sherbrooke 2016
Jon Harbinson Bad Dads' Army: The Hatton Garden Heist Lucy Rogers, BBC 2016
Agent Scott Garriola The Chase Stuart Strickson 2015
Aircrash Investigator Aircrash Confidential 2 WMR Productions 2012


Role Production Director Year
Stannah Technician Stannah Online Videos Mark Sheldon 2016
Presenter Henley Business School Louise Gough 2015
Mike Harris Patient Counselling Tonic Life Communications 2015
Mike Suspicion Michael Sacks 2015
Creative Employee Epson Fernando Caamano 2015


Role Production Director Year
Owsla (voice) Watership Down Noam Murro 2018
Announcer MFG - Cadburys Premier CX 2018
Announcer MFG - Chocolate Bites Premier CX 2018
Announcer MFG - Haribo Premier CX 2018
Announcer MFG - Lucozade Premier CX 2018
Announcer MFG - Galaxy Premier CX 2018
Announcer Beales - 25% off Premier CX 2018
Presenter B&M RADIO - Unibond Premier CX 2018
Announcer WHSmith - Magazines Premier CX 2018
Announcer WHSmith - Free Water Premier CX 2018
Presenter Revital Premier CX 2018
Announcer Londis - Walkers Crisps Premier CX 2018
Announcer Londis - Budweiser Premier CX 2018
Announcer Londis - Carlsberg Premier CX 2018
Announcer Londis - Pot Noodle Premier CX 2018
Announcer Londis - Kettle Crisps Premier CX 2018
Presenter B&M RADIO - BLACK & DECKER Premier CX 2018
Announcer ST. PATRICKS DAY Premier CX 2018
Announcer 6 NATIONS RUGBY COMMERCIAL Premier CX 2018
Announcer B&M RADIO - PET AND EASTER EVENT Premier CX 2018
John Slow Burn (Animation) Marco Bondi 2017


Role Production Director Year
Jack Lo-fi Cafe Rebecca Seymour 2013
Nick Get me to the Geek Jake Francis 2013


Role Production Director Year
Stunt Coordinator Kotchebi In-Sook Chappell 2016
Fight Choreography Above Clare McQuillan 2015
Fight Choreography Dead No More Demetri Turin 2014
Fight Choreography Game Over Cyrus Trafford 2014
Stunt coordinator Eileen Tim Porter 2013
Fight Choreography C.O.O.L.I.O Paul Cahalane 2012